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10 Top Tips – How to Pay off Your Debt in 2017

So, January has gone, Christmas is but a distant memory, and its time to review your budget now that all the credit card bills are in and you know what you have to tackle! You’re sitting down to make your monthly budget and wallop! there it is like a big old punch from Mike Tyson […]


Christmas Wisdom

It’s a fantastic time of year when we travel, see friends, visit family, spread some good old cheer and of course, overspend on gifts.   And so why do people overspend? They overspend because they have no control over their money during the prior 11 months of the year. They overspend because they’ve no real financial […]

The Wealthy Barber

One of the first books recommended to me during my fledgling years in the financial world some 24 years ago, and one that I have read a few times, is The Wealthy Barber by Dave Chilton. I like it particularly because it turns what many see as mundane, grey subject matter into a story that grabs your […]

May Updates

I’m pleased that warmer weather is finally creeping up on us here in the UK. It seems like an eternity has passed waiting for it. The other thing I want to share is that I have started running again and feel re-inspired, rejuvenated and quite motivated. It gives me a lot of thinking and creative […]