May Updates

I’m pleased that warmer weather is finally creeping up on us here in the UK. It seems like an eternity has passed waiting for it. The other thing I want to share is that I have started running again and feel re-inspired, rejuvenated and quite motivated. It gives me a lot of thinking and creative time as well as getting fit again, with my first half marathon planned for May 2017.

There has also been too much of a gap since my last post, and I apologise for that. It’s been non-stop as we have been working on some exciting projects which means you are going to see and hear a lot more from us, with greater regularity, and delivered with greater efficiency so you can make faster and better choices with your money!

So, lets get started with an overview of what’s to come…….. It’s all designed to help you have a better understanding and better relationship with your money so you can keep more of what you earn and break away from the herd. Go ahead, let all the crazy people burn too much of their money away every month whilst you watch from the sideline feeling rather smug that you have a better handle on your money and a future that’s beginning to look a lot brighter.

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